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CyberSecurity Solutions

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CyberSecurity Solutions

Cyber security software is no longer a separate entity; it’s an essential part of any software, organization, or business. Without the right security software, you can’t guarantee safety from threats. The better the security software services, the fewer security threats you’ll face. Intellecto Global Services is well-known for providing top-notch Cyber Security in USA, and now we’re offering Cyber Security Software Services to our clients. Get our Security Software Services to increase your profits and protect your brand from cyber threats.

CyberSecurity Solutions We Provide

Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing

Reviewing and analyzing networks for feasible security vulnerabilities and loopholes.

Web Application Security Assessment

Web Application Security Assessment

Finding any vulnerabilities, security flaws, or threats in a web application

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Identifying malware in mobile phones, backdoor protection vulnerabilities in APKs, and threads is essential for keeping devices secure. 

Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment

Identifying Risks to Protect Data, Users, and the Organization from Bypass Security Vulnerabilities

Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

At Intellecto Global Services, we provide managed Security Operations Center (SOC) services to help evaluate and protect our clients. Our goal is to detect, monitor, and respond to any potential threats that could damage the system. We strive to ensure that our clients have the best cybersecurity services in USA. Our SOC services are implemented with a variety of tools to evaluate the entire information security team and its structure.

Threat Management

At Intellecto Global Services, we combat cybercrime with our threat intelligence and SOC as a service. Our team of experts specialize in identification, detection, protection, and remediation services to protect against potential threats that could lead to the loss of large amounts of data. That’s why we hire people who are experienced and knowledgeable enough to handle these extreme conditions.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability tests are conducted to identify any gaps that could lead to potential threats. These tests are performed in order to protect against such threats, and proactive testing can help to remediate any vulnerabilities. These tests include network scans, application scans, and database scans.

Compliance Management

We can reduce the risk of a data breach by implementing the best security practices and deploying a multi-compliance framework that includes SOC as a service. This will help us identify and deploy the necessary security measures to prevent such incidents from occurring.

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Our Risk Management Approach

    VAPT Assessment & Recommendation
    Critical Infra System Intrusion Analysis
    We Implement Various Industry
    Recognized Security Products.
    Continuous monitoring and security assurance policy management in line with compliance.

Detailed Cyber Audit Report

This report provides the results of vulnerability assessments and penetration testing conducted by security professionals on a company’s external and internal environment. The audit was conducted to evaluate the security posture of the company’s network, devices, and applications accessible from the Internet.

  • Vulnerability Details
  • Criticality Level
  • CVSS Score
  • Proof of concept
  • Fixing Recommendations

Why Choose Intellecto Global Services for Cybersecurity Solutions

Our cybersecurity team at Intellecto Global Services is highly experienced in threat monitoring, management, and disposal. Their expertise allows us to stay ahead of current and emerging threats, ensuring that you are always protected.

Expertise in Cybersecurity

Our team has spent years gaining expertise which is now put to full use in defending against cyberattacks of all risk levels.

Immediate Action Against Threats

The team is always on top of potential threats, taking swift action to ensure your business remains fully operational.

24/7 Protection

Our expert team monitors and halts threats 24/7 to ensure continuous service at all times.

Benefits of Our Cybersecurity Services

Our Cybersecurity Services in USA provide more than just overall protection; they offer benefits that can positively impact all aspects of your business.

Simplified Service

Intellecto Global Services can help simplify, clarify, and save you money on all your IT needs, including cybersecurity services.

Up-to-date Threat Monitoring

We remain vigilant in monitoring for any new threats, types of threats, and potential areas of risk that could affect the cyber security of your business.

Fast Response

Our professional experts take immediate action against any obvious threats to ensure your business runs smoothly.

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