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CyberSecurity Solutions

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CyberSecurity Solutions

Cyber security software has become such an integral aspect of any software, organization, or business that it can no longer be viewed discretely. Unless and until the choice of the security software is apt, safety from threats is never assured. The more genuine the security software services are; the lesser are the security threats. Intellecto Global Services is widely recognized to offer exclusive software services and now we are extending our reach to the clients with Cyber Security Software Services. Get the Security Software Services at your doorstep to boost your returns and raise your brand awareness defensive from any sort of cyber threats.

CyberSecurity Solutions We Provide

Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing

Reviewing and Analyzing Network for feasible Security Vulnerabilities and Loopholes
Web Application Security Assessment

Web Application Security Assessment

Finding any vulnerability, security flaws, or threats in a web application
Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Identifying Malware in mobile phones, Backdoor protection vulnerabilities APK and threads

Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment

Identifying risks for Bypass security vulnerabilities to Protect data, Users and the Organization

Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

A Security Operations Center (SOC) helps to evaluate the entire structure of the information security team. Our managed SOC services are implemented with the help of diverse tools that assist and protect our clients. Our high motto is to detect and monitor various levels of security in an organization regularly. The purpose right here is to evaluate, reveal and respond to any threat that may damage the system. We at Intellecto Global Services make sure that the organization has acquired the best cybersecurity services.

Threat Management

At Intellecto Global Services, we fight against cybercrime with our threat intelligence using SOC as a service. We have a team of specialists who majored in identification, detection, protection, and remediation services. To defend against a potential threat that may pose a risk of losing lots of data. That’s the reason we hire people who are skilled to address those extreme conditions.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability tests are performed to find out the gaps that cause different threats. These cybersecurity services are accomplished to protect them, and proactive testing can remediate those loopholes. These managements consist of network scans, application scans, and database scans.

Compliance Management

Security breaches may happen in many unknown instances. This may result in the exposure of entire organizational data. Therefore, we will Identify and deploy the important security measures by following the best practices to prevent them. It reduces the chance of a multi-compliance framework that consists of SOC as a service.
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Our Risk Management Approach

    VAPT Assessment & Recommendation
    Critical Infra System Intrusion Analysis
    We Implement Various Industry
    Recognized Security Products.
    Continuous monitoring and security assurance policy management in line with compliance.

Detailed Cyber Audit Report

This report provides the outcomes of the vulnerability assessments and penetration testing that security professionals performed on a company external and internal facing environment. The reason for the audit was to review the security posture of the company network, devices, and applications accessible from the Internet.

  • Vulnerability Details
  • Criticality Level
  • CVSS Score
  • Proof of concept
  • Fixing Recommendations

Why Choose Intellecto Global Services for Cybersecurity Solutions

Our dedicated cybersecurity team is highly skilled in threat monitoring, threat management, and threat disposals. Their expertise permits Intellecto Global Services to remain on top of current and emerging threats and a breakneck pace, keeping you protected always.

Expertise in Cybersecurity

The expertise our team has spent years gaining is put to complete use towards cyberattacks of all risk levels.

Immediate Action Against Threats

The team always stays on top of threats, stopping them in their tracks immediately so your business can always remain fully functional.

24/7 Protection

With our expert team, threats are monitored and halted 24/7 for continuous service in any respect times.

Benefits of Our Cybersecurity Services

Besides overall protection, our cybersecurity services provide benefits that affect all sides of your business.

Simplified Service

Using Intellecto Global Services for all your IT needs, including cybersecurity services, reduces complexity, confusion, and cost.

Up-to-date Threat Monitoring

We constantly stay alert for a new threats, new types of threats, and potential areas of risk regarding the cyber safety of your business.

Fast Response

Our professional experts act immediately against obvious threats to keep your business running smoothly.
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