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“Enabling businesses to reduce the complexity of IoT solutions and generate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people, and gadgets.”

Industry Focused IoT Development Services

Internet of Things (IoT) is reinventing the use of technology in commercial enterprises. In an increasingly competitive market, the future of your business relies upon the efficiency of tech solutions. Today IoT means so much more than establishing connections between gadgets and systems. With the fast evolution of IoT app development services, this technology is opening up new possibilities for enterprises.

As an IoT development company, Intellecto Global Services focuses on the assistance of customers and businesses, developing high-quality IoT gadgets and embedded IoT solutions that can be easily integrated into mobile and web applications.

Our highly skilled team of IoT development specialists, with years of incredible experience, understand all the specific IoT application development standards to the core. We will provide the best IoT solutions and services, including consulting, development, implementation, integration, and security, to meet your needs. We also immerse ourselves in your company’s unique needs, identifying your particular technologies, tools, and other requirements. Our team is constantly updating the knowledge and skills according to the latest trends of IoT application improvement to offer our clients the most efficient products and solutions.

IoT Advantages

IoT App Development Advantages

Enjoy the advantages of IoT services and boost your ROI with Intellecto Global Services

Enhance Productivity

To enhance productivity, we offer real-time IoT-based training to employees, keep them informed, and establish better coordination with clients.

Real-Time Analytics

Our enterprise-prepared IoT solution is a blessing in disguise with real-time analytics.

Cost Optimization

Our IoT ecosystem presents superior asset utilization that makes things less difficult to obtain at a minimal expense. It enables users to optimize costs by keeping variations in check.
Enhance User Experience
With IoT-enabled devices, we help our customers engage with smart trackers, assist them in tracking their cargo, and process the transaction using smartphones.

Track Operations and Assets

Intellecto Global Services enhances visibility for resources and provides a chain that permits users to track down and run preventative IoT infrastructure support.

Increased Sales

Sales play an important role in the profitability of any business. IoT opens the door for new business opportunities and helps components in increasing their sales opted from advanced models and services.
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Our IoT Software Development Services

We provide end to end IoT services and solutions from supporting businesses

IoT Development Consultancy

Leverage our top-notch internet of things development consulting services to unleash innovation and safeguard operations with the help of our professional IoT app consultants.

IoT Application Development

Our IoT virtual transformation services will assist you to get the proper IoT application solution. We offer extremely-stable, integrated, and value-added IoT devices to modernize your existing system and delight your end customers.

Backend and API Development

Our team of experts creates a smart connection between people, processes, and machines to provide complete backend API development solutions to help you go from digital to digital.

IoT Implementation & Support

We are an industry leader and IoT vendor that provides end-to-end IoT development services, including consultancy, development support, implementation, and assisting you with integrating your IoT solution with a legacy system.

IoT Gateway Development

Empower clients businesses by catering to their specific desires around gateway development and making it compatible with popular IoT communication protocols.

Connectivity with Wearable Devices

Adept in growing intuitive IoT applications for a wide gamut of wearable gadgets that are available in the marketplace.

Voice-Enabled Technology Solutions

We have top-of-the-line expertise in providing voice-enabled next-generation IoT technological solutions to facilitate the evaluation of your organization with the go-to-marketplace strategy.

Data Analytics

Our IoT-developed mobile application can do advanced data analysis in your corporate enterprise with real-time analytical intelligence, allowing you to unlock the power of real-time data.

We build complete and functional IoT projects

All IoT projects share the same constructing blocks from an architectural standpoint. Our IoT engineers design the ideal Internet of Things solutions for a variety of packages using our extensive knowledge of those building blocks.

  • Sensors and devices
  • Communication
  • IoT cloud
  • IoT application

The Benefits of employing Mature IoT Services

Connect everything securely and experience smart engineering at its best.

Device Management

When there is no more security chaos, you can welcome utmost protection and experience consistent management of all devices. Our IoT development services, thus, make sure seamless administration across devices.

Secure Ecosystem

With a strong security backup, businesses remain safe thanks to end-to-end security assistance. Now, the connections and transactions covering the ecosystem are sheer smooth.

Engineering Services

The potential of Intellecto Global Services to partner with diverse industries across the Cloud, software, and hardware allows companies to attain a competitive edge through their robust IoT development services.

Administer Business Processes

Our dedicated management enables the organizations to administer the operations of their business through multiple standards in a highly convenient manner.

Industry-Focused Internet of Things

  • Medical IoT
    IoT software development for the healthcare sector can improve patient experience and medical services. We create RPM, Chronic Care Management, Assisted Living, Hospital Asset and Staff Tracking, and other solutions.
  • Industrial IoT
    IoT presents a solid floor to drive innovation and enhance operational efficiency. Intelligent Manufacturing, Predictive Maintenance, Product Quality Control, Inventory, and Supply Chain Management are the benefit of IoT software.
  • IoT for Logistics
    With the Internet of Things solutions, transportation agencies gain real-time visibility on their delivery and logistics processes. Streamline warehouse operations, enhance fleet management, and monitor delivered goods.
  • Smart Buildings & Cities
    Explore the benefits of the Internet of Things software for smart homes and cities. IoT solutions assist manage traffic lights, enhancing waste management, and raising HVAC, humidity, and lighting systems in buildings.
  • IoT for Retail
    IoT majorly assists the retail organization with sensors, beacons, RFID, AI, and mobile era to enhance the quality control of goods, personalize the purchasing experience, predict consumer behavior, and enhance customer services.
  • Consumer IoT
    The consumer goods sector maintains embracing solutions with embedded intelligence. The IoT technology assists companies simplify everyday life by developing smart products like domestic appliances, wearable devices, or entertainment platforms.
  • FinTech Solutions
    Leverage Internet of Things software development to individualize financial services and optimize organization workflows. From point-of-sale payment solutions to hazard management, authentication, and security IoT systems offer vast opportunities.
  • IoT for Automotive
    IoT technology transforms the automotive sector to provide new services and enhance customer experience. Embrace IoT-based automobile renovation systems, car infotainment, and telematics, and autonomous automobile functionality.

Our Process

  • Planning Ahead
  • Data-driven service improvement through insights into consumer behavior.
  • Design and Development
  • Build next-gen User Interfaces with IoT designs.
  • Testing and Launch
  • Upgrade your customer engagement by tracking, monitoring, and analyzing.
  • Maintenance
  • Attract clients with exemplary hybrid apps through IoT development.

Why Intellecto Global Services for IoT Development Services


With every IoT development project, we keep data governance and secure development best practices at the forefront of our minds. We additionally adhere to industry-specific standards and regulations.


We design for scalability so that your IoT apps and supporting infrastructure can scale up to accommodate millions of connected devices when the time comes.

Reliable connectivity

IoT applications thrive on connectivity. We make sure a hiccup-free experience with top-notch connectivity by helping you choose the proper networking protocol.

Top-notch quality

We eliminate risks and ensure quick time-to-market with excellent quality of IoT applications via our rigorous quality assurance approach and automated testing.

Smooth usability

Our experienced developers and proficient designers put their skills collectively to create IoT applications that are intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly.
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FAQ For IoT Development Services

The Internet of Things is a network of devices with embedded software, sensors, and different technology that support data retrieval, decision making, and action triggering.
As a leading IoT app development company, we offer IoT consultation, gateway development, IoT solutions with powerful architectures, implement and assist, security consulting, cloud platform, and plenty more.
It depends on your requirements, project complications, features that you want to add. Sometimes, even a small project takes a whole lot of time because of complicated implications.
Our expert team uses many tools to develop varieties of IoT apps; Tessel 2, Arduino, Node-Red, Zetta, Canopy, Losant, etc.
Our IoT gateway development solutions at Intellecto Global Service can be scaled vertically or horizontally, depending on the requirements.