Intellecto Global Services

About us

we provide you the best devoloping services and power up your business with the latest technology.

We are Intellecto Global Services

Intellecto Global Services is a Leading-edge Software, Web, and Mobile app Development Company. We help start-ups and blue-chip organization to grow their businesses by offering unique software solutions, data-driven marketing, and cloud-based services. We use the agile way of development for faster and smoother execution of projects, thus delivering high-quality software products in the shortest time to market.
Intellecto Global Services has been established with the motive of becoming one of the excellent IT & Software companies in India. Our goal is to create custom software answers for offshore clients providing quality work and within their budget. We started Intellecto Global Services to reach global heights and build success for businesses and clients.
We have established our reputation in the industry through our dedication to clients and have always believed in fulfilling our promise through ROI-based solutions for them. We started with a small mission with high hopes of becoming a global leader shortly.
Intellecto Global Services is everywhere holding a team of 50+ developers covering all the domains and providing leading expert business solutions across the globe. Our team is professional with diverse and massive portfolio knowledge providing solutions to diverse clients. We have been recognized as a leading IT Service company in India.

Our Approach

We breathe life into entrepreneurial ideas, infuse creativity and innovation into present digital and mobile platforms, and unleash disruption by converting the status quo.

Client's Success

We are obsessed with our client’s success. The client’s fulfillment is our #1 mission & vision.


We are experts in creating human-centric designs that touch hearts and create emotions.

Integrity & Ethics

Your data is safe with us. Integrity and ethics seep deep into our DNA.

Non-stop innovation

We celebrate creativity, and we worship technology. And invention is the fulcrum that drives our passion.

Why Intellecto Global Services?

Great Business Built By Good Technology


Keeping customers at the center of the service shipping is in our traits. Our quick turnaround time and proactive approach help our customers to rehearse their destiny and outperform the competition.


Our machine-first approach empowers you to bypass repetitive manual tasks. Greater levels of automation via Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive capabilities, and data analytics bring efficiency and a competitive edge.


When we resolve business challenges, we envision solutions that can be scaled. Our dynamic resourcing calibration can reflect any solution for a much larger playing ground, growing compelling digital experiences.

Speed and agility to make decisions

Our company is structured to quickly understand the client requirements and make decisions locally. We are committed to responding to inquiries in a turnaround time of 24 hours.


Our flexible, reliable, and efficient service delivery sets us apart from the rest and helps our clients perform to the best in their capacities in this aggressive market environment, adding value to every level.

Our Client