Intellecto Global understands Kubernetes ecosystem in larger depth and has been successfully working with clients to develop an integration of their traditional storage appliances into Kubernetes to support persistent volumes.

In addition, various other add-ons to the Kubernetes ecosystem like API aggregation layer, controller loops, custom API objects, network customization are other areas within Kubernetes that Intellecto Global has good understanding and expertise with. With a strong renewed focus in driving opensource technologies, Intellecto Global is building the breadth and depth into technologies needed for early startups to deliver quality products successfully and even ahead of time.

Cloud Engineering

Intellecto Global is a product engineering services company that has been a frontrunner in enabling startups and early technology adopters to bring their product to market with our deep understanding and expertise in evolving technologies. Intellecto Global has been helping many clients with their cloud migration (AWS, Azure and GCP and private/hybrid cloud environments) of existing products, enabling DevOps practices with both open source and proprietary tools and ensuring best quality assurance practices are incorporated and followed.

Within the Kubernetes ecosystem, because of its experience working with early adopters in the market,
Intellecto Global is a Kubernetes certified Service Provider (KCSP) and member of the prestigious Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) community.

Corporate Training

Intellecto Global also does corporate training and is in the process to become a Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP) as well. Apart from an external endorsement of our capabilities, Intellecto Global key strengths are its clients and employees.

We win clients because of our employees and our employees are tech-savvy because we work with bleeding technologies.